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Thread: Black Ops Save File

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    Black Ops Save File

    Hey. I don't know if this is the correct section since I didn't find a good one for this, but here it goes:

    I started playing the Black Ops NTSC version some time ago and I got to a high level on multiplayer but since the save file updates started coming out I could still play online (idk why) but it was very rare to find a server. So I changed to the PAL version but I don't feel like starting from the beginning.

    Is there any chance someone could send me a save file from Black Ops with at least level 39? (The level I was) Thanks in advance.

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    No one is going to send you the save file for an online game. Cheating is not supported here (I know that's not what you are trying to do but what you are asking for is not allowed here).

    Thread closed, do not make another one about this.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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