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Thread: Solder new gamecube ports or transfer data to another Wii?

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    Could always use Betwiin. There are Wii destroying risks if you don't know what you're doing though.
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    Thanks. It so happens that the system board I thought was good, ended up being ... well ... not good. So I ended up pulling apart the main Wii anyway, to find out, there was a piece of broken plastic in the socket that was probably interfering with the controller. I pulled it .. did the best I could .. the black plastic integrated into the socket is broken up in thee so I took a small black tie strap, tightened it up and it seems to hold pretty good now. Games work fine, I re soldered the joints anyway. Thanks for the tips, though ... we'll be sticking with the same SB ... altough port 1 on the GC port looks like crap .. so be it!

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