From his 250 info file. I looked at it and it seems that all he has done is change the wording in the meta file and the icon.png graphic. I reckin he don't know nothin bout no coding. I booted it and it still shows at the bottom that it's 249 and doesn't work as I expect it to if it was correctly done.


NewGamma v1.0 > NewGamma v1.1

-Fixed an error in the logo
-Now it can use IOS250 and IOS251 (the last one survive to update 4.3!!!)

NeoGamma R9 b47 > NewGamma v1.0

-First relase (based on NeoGamma R9 b47)
-Only graphic modifications

NewGamma is a mod of WiiPower's NeoGamma R9.
I'll want to mod it to use other IOSes like 250.
I don't know how much time i will spend,but i hope i'll help someone!

ZRicky11 (or Ricky)

I'm searching for:

(Excuse me for bad English, I'm Italian )