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Thread: Reason for downgrade?

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    Yes I know Mauifrog has done excellent work. And his guides are flawless. However, there is always noobs who for whatever reason can't follow instructions exactly. If they do something wrong on a downgrade they can brick. I was just saying it is my opinion that the reward/risk ratio for downgrading isn't worth it.
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    Ineptitude has stopped alot of ppl from making any progress, but I think the number of ppl you hear fail from in this threads is still a small percentage, than the overall mass of ppl stopping in to follow the guides.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    Ineptitude has stopped alot of ppl from making any progress
    Ooh, pullin' out them big words on us!

    I think that it is much more beneficial to upgrade to 4.1, since downgrading doesn't really help that much. The benefit of 4.1 is that it has all the features and it is easy to hack. If you can downgrade, then your Wii is already hacked, and you already have all the latest features.

    Ithian made an excellent guide on the differences between the System Menu versions.
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    It can brick your wii and if you ever upgrade it can brick it then too.
    Only if the stubs are not removed and you update from a disc. Maui's guide removes all stubs so this will never happen. The downgrade process in his softmod guide is perfectly safe if you follow the instructions and make sure all the wads install prior to the install of the 4.1 system menu. If you have 4.2 there is not much point to go to 4.1....but with 4.3 I would certainly do it (especially if you plan on selling the game you used for the exploit).
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    Update: I ended up going with the downgrade to 4.1 and everything is good. Like the other poster said, bricking is pretty much impossible if you don't do anything stupid (which I guess there's some people out there that will).

    So I actually bought the wii spur of the moment. In matter of 24 hours I go from knowing nothing about it to it being softmodded with 30+ games and feeling pretty comfortable with most aspects of modding a wii just from reading this forum. Thanks everyone!

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