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Thread: Problem with usb loader GX when selecting games

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    Question Problem with usb loader GX when selecting games

    When i flick through my list of games to choose one it switches to a sreen saying ''Exception DSI Occurrered'' can some one please help me fix my problem. cheers

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    Delete your GX config file and all of your cover/disk art (or look for the corrupted Image and delete).

    It will create a new Config file when you start GX again. You can also re-download the covers after deleting your current covers/the corrupted cover.
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    Try this first.

    1. Take your SD card from for Wii
    2. Place the SD card into your computer
    3. Open the SD card and look for a folder call "images"
    4. Right click on the folder and select rename.
    5. rename the folder to "images1"
    6. place the SD card back into your Wii
    7. Start the game
    8. If you are running from your USB and no the SD card then simply follow the same steps with your USB instead.

    You will not have any cover or disk images when you do this so if it works then you will have to download them again. If it doesn't work them simply rename the "images1" folder back to "images".

    edit: lol, or simply delete it as Krank suggested.

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