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Thread: WBFS Drive Being Wiped Clean Somehow

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    really?!!! I'm a usbloader gx user and I really like the interface. Has this been reported/acknowledged by the authors? I hope this will not happen to me coz I would hate recopying/installing my 100+ game collection again. What's a good alternative to usbloader gx? It seems Wiiflow's development has been discontinued?

    What release of usb loader gx are you using. I used 921 and so far I didn't experience this despite freezing/hanging/blackscreen of my wii games using it.

    Maybe this is caused by a failing HDD or HDD failure or something?
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    Still unsure about what exactly happened when my HDD crashed but it was unrecoverable, had to rip all of my iso's again and start from scratch, found out I was using an older version of GX so I updated it and no more problems. Customizing has come along way with GX aswell, I like the GUI and the settings are pretty easy to configure.

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