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Thread: Usb Loader exit to wii menu

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    I'd just like to bump this thread saying that I have the exact same problem but forcing NTSC didn't work. I also used to be able to play Tatsunoko Vs Capcom but now it won't load. I think it's because I installed a latest and newer revision of some random cIOS installer but I can't retrace my steps. Could anyone tell me exactly what cIOS installers I need and the steps I should take to get USB Loader GX to work as stable as possible? Thanks.

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    Your problem is not "the same" as the OP. He had a Korean Wii for one thing; his discovery of PAL on NTSC issue as issue/solution (in region gaming) worked for him. Some "random cIOS installer" does not sound like a wiihacks guide or solution. There's a 3.1-4.1 Recommended Guide and two 4.2 guides by Shadow Sonic and Messie. Maybe following them would be the solution.

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