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Thread: HELP! Some games won't work > Black Screen

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    So, my problem is the IOS's?

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    Hi all,

    I am so glad that I've solved my black screen issue. Thanks so much to hackearned's wonderful thread. But I thought that's just for my particular case for the "Wii sports resort" only. I have not got other black screen so far, although there would be the odd suspendding occurs sometime in playing some games. That might be the IOS conflicts issue, I guess

    Anyway, good luck!

    Quote Originally Posted by doluxx View Post
    I got the similar issues. The ISO files seems OK(loaded with wiiscrubber successfully), although they are all from backup copies.

    The interesting thing is that some of the problematic games actually using the same IOS as the games working with no problems. For e.g., "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games " and "Wii Sports Resort" are running with the same IOS(IOS55),and I checked the IOS55(v5406) already installed. But the later one just gave me a black screen, whilst the former did the well work. Fat headache

    Not sure if all the IOSs installed need TB enabled?

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