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Thread: Online upgrade cIOS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcelito_81 View Post
    Some games needs to have a specific IOS's. And I do not want to update my wii from Nintendos server.
    Some games may need specific IOS's, but do the IOS's need to be the most current version? I think it is a way for Nintendo to get your Wii to update. As I said above, I have never updated my IOS's and all games work. There was the time when I added IOS38, 53, 55, because they were required by certain games, and my Wii didn't have them installed, but I have never updated them since. Some games are said to require IOS56, I have never installed that IOS and the games work fine.
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    Lucky you..
    My Wii was the same like yours but then I used PimpMyWii and installed whatever it wanted... Stub IOS, updated IOS, mIOS......
    I managed to get it working again but when I try to see the tutorial video from Wii Sports Resort it exits to the system menu.....
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    You don't need to update from a Nintendo server at all. There are a few ways of updating that are safe. Waninkoko for instance has made an updater that successfully updates your system menu to 4.1, and updates all the IOS' that would be updated to 4.1. Search my friend, use the search function on this site or even just google it.

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