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Thread: How To Rip Games From Disc To HD Using USB Loader GX

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    An unfortunate side affect of using GX.

    Delete it entirely and reinstall. Use a forwarder channel with an SD card or FAT32 formatted drive. Ditch GX and use Cfg if you don't want anymore random issues. Just suggestions.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Krank is right but I just want to point out it is user error......

    I upgraded to v2.0 and I have no issues and I love it. Others have as well.

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    hi, i am really new to this, i did alot or research ,and read a ton of info about softmodding the wii a few months back ,but then i got distracted because of the release of thr ps3 hack(i changed my focus because i was afraid back then that if i didnt go and buy a 3.41 fw ps3 that i wouldnt be able to get 1 ) so i swithced gears and decided to get a ps3 and mod that befor i started on my wii, and now i have forgoten alot of info from what i read ,but i just want to know one thing,for now

    if i use a usb loader to rip my games on my wii ,will it automatically scrub them to the smallest file size ?or will i have to connect my usb drive back to my pc after and use a program on my pc to scrub them?
    and which loaders, and which versions of them are able to rip the games scrubbed ,and wich ones will only be able to produce clean dumps?

    i tried the usb loader gx official page but it really doesnt specify
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