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Thread: Priiloader Error: "Unable to read buffer"

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    All games work after updating USB Loader GX.

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    that means its using the copied ticket. try and delete
    /title/00000001/00000002/content/ticket . it must have been corrupted during copy
    (normal system menu doesn't use this, only priiloader does. the actual ticket that
    system menu uses is /ticket/00000001/00000002.tik which you SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM)

    use the attached dol to delete the ticket
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    From surfing the web and getting redirected to here as well as a few other locations for this, i had the same error of being unable to read the buffer using IOS36 as well as IOS249, Upon working on this error i was using System Menu 4.2u on a wii that cant run backups except for usb (D3-2) what i came across to be the main reoccurring error is installing IOS60 on a 4.2u Wii,

    Quote Originally Posted by WiiJohn View Post
    you installed ios60 with 4.2, should have been ios70. not sure what effect that may have.
    1. Loaded DOP-IOS MOD from HBC
    2. Installed Older Version of IOS60 (Using IOS249)
    3. Used Delete Ticket From the Post above or google forums where it was originally found.
    4. Ran PriiLoader with IOS249 (Worked)
    5. then Followed ShadowSonic's Excellent Guide for the Final Steps from Installing The Priiloader

    I Hope this helps for those of you stuck on this problem!

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