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is it possible for almost all the files here to b corrupt ? but i see most of the ppl saying thanks
the only i didnt try were the ones in german n french

Wii Save - Nintendo Wii Game Saves > Pokémon Battle Revolution

i also tried the ones that r not data.bin using the savegame manager got error -106 ( i do have a save game )
when i try using savegame installer i get error Reading game disc... Error! (ret = -1) {i deleted my savegame to try this}
n when i try copying from my sd card there are only white icons with "?"

what am i doing wrong ??
PS. i tried first with ntsc version then PAL version , so i have both versions now in my usb hard drive.
To check its not the saved game. Run a game do a save.
Copy that save from wii memory to SD card.
Check its there.
Then delete the save from wii memory.
Then copy saved game fro SD to Wii memory.
This should work if you have no copy protection off.