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Thread: Must be a way to solve this :(

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    ok when you downloaded usb loader you got the exe file run it ... click next then you check the box that says usbloadergx channel this will create a forwarder wad then continue with putting it on your sd... if usb loader code dumped error try reinstalling usb loader on you sd card and running again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starsun View Post
    ok i put the BOOT.dol, in: SD:/apps/usbloader_gx

    should i use: r846.dol Revision 846, compiled at Thu Dec 3 06:17:45 UTC 2009

    or should i use: r815.dol

    question number 2, I want the usbloader gx to be a channel, is there way to do that WITHOUT using homebrew channel?

    do i have to use a WAD file or is the dol file enough ? :/

    (probably my last questions
    If you want it as a channel, you need the forwarder (which points to the folder you've just copied usb loader gx to). The forwarder should be a wad. All channels are created with a wad file, using wad manager. When you say without homebrew channel, you just mean so you don't have to load that up each time you want to run the usb loader correct? In that case that's correct, that's the idea of the channel, there are plenty around now, either as a standalone, or as the forwarder. I don't know what you mean by r846.dol, but I have to assume that's a version of usb loader gx that you've downloaded. I would say higher is better, and then rename it to boot.dol and place it in your usb loader folder.

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    Wad file will install the Chanel. Dol or elf need to go into apps folder and are like exe files for windows. Google to find wad. I had problems with USB loader gf r 815 crashing after config saved. Try r597 it is very stable ...worked for me.
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    You say you have a NTSC Wii? Try an NTSC version of the game. Remember, compatibility is not perfect, especially when using import games. Also, make sure you're using cIOS38 rev14.
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