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Thread: need help soft modding wii LU65

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    Is it too late to post these? Please don't let it be so.

    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Im now on 4.0u with the sysyem hacks on and the cioscorp reinstalled the problem im having is it wont let me play some games like it will let me play mario party 8 back up but it wont let me play punch out or mario galaxy along with others is there something i need to install to let it play these
    nevermind i got it working
    everything turned out fine with the wii took awhile to finally get it right but what i did was i uninstalled the cioscorp installed 4.0 did the patch for ios15 to 36 then did the starpatch the cioscorp again and everything works fine so far it has played every game i put on it except tansunko vs capcom and that might be because its on a dvd +r for some reason it plays on my other wii but not on this but im not too worried about it since its the only game not working
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