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Thread: Can't copy content to Wii system memory - help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob79 View Post
    Hey everyone. I've recently been downloading songs for RB2 from the online music store using the hack that makes everything show as purchased. Everything was going swimmingly () for the last week or so until I downloaded a couple new tracks last night. Now, every time I try to play a downloaded song in RB2 I get a message saying "[song] cannot be copied to the Wii system memory" .

    I haven't added anything new to my Wii's system memory since I started doing this so I'm not sure what's going on. My initial suspicion is that the songs I've been downloading haven't "cleared" from the Wii system memory as they've been copied to the SD card therefore leaving too little free space to copy the songs as I want to play them.

    Has anyone else ever experienced this issue? Does anyone know if there is a homebrew app I can use to check my system memory to make sure the songs on my SD card have been cleared from the system memory?

    This is really frustrating so I hope someone out there can give me some suggestions to clear things up.

    Thanks in advance,


    BTW: I'm using a retail disc of RB2 but I have cIOS249 rev 13 installed on my Wii. It was working fine under rev13 before so I don't think it's related to the problem.

    Similar problem here. My RB3 DLC was legitmately purchased with Wii Points but through a backed up copy of RB3. I get the "cannot move to system memory" error with the DLC and they won't play with the original disc. Unless there's a fix for this, I'm assuming you need to buy DLC from the original disc, and play from original disc. I wasn't thinking about this when I bought the DLC. The songs play, I just get the error in the playlist.. No biggie, really since I can play the songs, but if anyone knows a fix, I would appreciate it. Had no problem buying songs from any backed up Guitar Hero game, and even Rock Band Beatles DLC works fine. This only happens with RB3.
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