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Thread: usb loading problem

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    Thats my thought that its the usb device. its an unbranded USB 16g Stick. It recognised it so i presumed it worked. will invest in a WD Passport and report back .

    My Cios etc must be right for it to load 1 title and as you say it must be the usb device

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    Quote Originally Posted by c0kecanuk View Post
    I am using Ios 36 rev 1042 is this right.

    I have just added two games to the USB using WBFsS and then one using GX Loader . Even after resetting yhr only one that works is the first one in the list. even after resetting.

    could it be that the usb is only partially comapatble with the Wii.. Maybe i should invest in a compatable one on the list ?

    or is ti that i have the wrong Ios . Cios installed ??
    That ios36 rev1042 is actually cIOS36-64-1042.wad, this is use for offline install cIOS36 revX (X being any version of cIOS36). That wad goes on the root of the SD card and works with cIOS36 installer.dol (for wad install), if you have your wii connected to the internet then you can do a network install and don't need the cIOS36-64-1042.wad

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