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Thread: HELP! downgrade screw up?

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    True. Mine is a LU52.

    Just letting this guy know ahead if he just by chance comes in contact with LU64/65 so he won't just jump into it without not knowing before.

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    Scrolling screen - downgrading error


    I apologize if this has been addressed in another section and/or if I am posting in the wrong area. I have the same scrolling screen error (occurs at boot) that came about when I attempted to downgrade from 4.0U to 3.2. I was pretty sure that I chose the NTSC format but from what I've been reading, it appears that I probably chose the PAL.

    I tried plugging into DVD and cable box on the office chance that they would convert... no dice. Also tried to pop in ISO region disc (via Wii Fix Disc Unbricks Semi-Brick by Import Mario Kart, SSBB | Code Retard) and the disc could not be read.

    I just wanted to get a second opinion on the next best course of action. Would it be worht my while to purchase copy of Punch Out in hopes of the automatic update would download the correct firmware and fix the scrolling problem. Purchase a PAL converter box and then change the region settings. I guess to be clear, I cannot change the region settings via HBC b\c the screen is scrolling from boot and it is difficult to see and point/click.

    Appreciate any thoughts and think the website is great.

    Oh, just some other info that may be helpful:
    I believe I should be on the NTSC-U (US Wii).
    I do not have an LU64/65
    Decided to downgrade b\c I upgraded to 4.0, installed HBC via Bannerbomb, but was getting the common -2011 & -1 error which I believe now is related to cIOS249

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