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Thread: Low Level Bricked? Is there a fix?

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    Im still looking for a title lister with gamecube support, in the mean time i tried bellow.

    i loaded any region changer...
    Identifying as SU ... ok
    Initializing filesystem driver ...ok
    Init Sysconf... Unexpected error: Sysconf_Init value: -106

    I then installed any title deleter..
    Informing wii i am god.

    Initializing filesystem driver: ok
    wipping off fingerprints

    -deleting ticketfile/ticket/00000001/00000000.tik
    ticket delete failed (no ticket -106)
    deleting title file/title 00000001/00000000....Ok
    checking system region..

    pulling sysmenu TMD...
    pulling sysmenu Ticket...

    informing wii i am daddy. ok
    region properly detected as P

    your system menu and sysconf regions differ . Semi brick?

    sysmenu2 sysconf:24580
    proceed with caution!
    ( using sysmenu region)

    That was all it said?
    its all very strange!!! LOL

    what a rainy day!!!

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    Exclamation Black Screen ! Wii Brick

    good day everyone!

    i have a problem with my wii. my wii si softmoded and i have made an update to IOS from net trough Wii System Channels Updater and when i restarted my wii it shows nothing. i power it up and it shows me black screen, the power led is green, i can power it up from wiimote, after that no more control, no image, nothing. cfrm from wii is 4.1E. it worket perfectly until a hours ago when i do this mistake..

    please help me what to do! is there a solution to repair my wii without replaceing some part from my console? big thanks to you guys

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    Good day everybody.
    My little brother bricked his Wii. here the steps that cause brick (as he says):
    1) He install Homebrew
    2) Install GekoOS
    3) Installed some kinde of loader (Waninako maiby)
    4) Trying install cIOS couple of times (0_o') and he failed.
    After that he played Mario Cart Wii. Day after i power on wii from Wiimoute (after that mote not sync) and black screen. DVD led flashy 1 time and spinning disk and there it is. I'm sure it's a low level brick. The bad news it is brother doesn't installed BootMii.. How can i restore Wii?

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