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Thread: Help With USB Loader?

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    Waninkoko has updated the USB LOADER to 1.5 heres the change log it may fix alot of your problems


    Fixed bug when installing games on partitions larger than 512GB.

    Fixed bug when mounting the devices.

    Fixed bug which prevented loading Excite Truck (the game can not be loaded from SD because the game needs to access the music).

    Improved speed of installation.

    Update partitions / channels / VC is not ignored in future installations (in previous versions were copied but the partitions are removed from the partition table and therefore no longer exist).

    Arrangements and various optimizations.

    i will be trying it now
    -- A.T.H.K

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    Ok, so I bought a new USB cable and it now works. I guess it was a faulty connection? Though, now when I rip a game using 1.5, the audio sounds like it's muffled and in the background. Is this normal? A known bug? Thanks!

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    That blank screen issue is a bad backup. I had the same problem with Smash Bros, I ripped from my disc and it would freeze after a full match. I managed to get a clean rip and its been fine since. Dont format your drive, check one of the GUIs and see if it still recognizes your games. When you hook it to the PC it will always ask you to format that drive, even if you click in my computer, you wont be able to access it, only through a gui loader.

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