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Had fun trying to get ver9 installed, had to uninstall 249, then reinstall it, then install ver 9. Thought I would try it with usb loader v1 since I didn't try that one yet, works fine. Just install my orginal mario kart in about 14 minutes. Wierd though, on a 8gig thumb drive, when game was done installing it says 2.62gig used and 0.85gig free, where is the other 4gigs at? Maybe try USBLoader 1.4 with 36ver10 tomorrow, getting late here.
im surprised you had to uninstall it to get it on..whenever i want to switch i just install which ever rev i want with no problems and dont have to remove it or anything because i want from rev7 to 8 then to 9 then to 10 and then back down to 9 but i never had to uninstall it to get it to work