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Thread: I Need Some Help With NAND Emulation & NAND Transfer

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    My other friend suggested this and it's convinced me that softmodding may not be a bad option:

    I would softmod my new Wii and if that ever bricks and can't unbrick it without BootMii, AND somehow I can still access BootMii, use the NAND backup as a last resort of restoring it. If it doesn't work, move the working disc drive into the old Wii which will still have its old memory. If that memory ever bricks, try THAT NAND backup to restore it (and if that doesn't work, well R.I.P.). This way, I have a lot of rescue options, can play nearly everything I had on my old NAND (I would just be missing the official Wii Shop stuff, MAC Address, Mii Client IDs, and Wii Console Number), use the new disc drive, use all my HBC apps from my old Wii, use a shiny case, and best of all, not have to worry about messing up when taking it apart.

    Thanks for the guide nightstah, it will be useful for this if I ever get to that point. Also thanks for the help too cjizzle. Without your warning, I probably would've bricked my shiny new Wii. x_x

    Yeah, this is my final decision. I just need to be careful when softmodding like I was last time and everything should turn out perfectly fine. I will have backup data on my old Wii to go as a result of this decision, too, should this ever fail.
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