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FYI I used Lightscribe DVD-R's. These are the exact ones that i bought: Newegg.com - Verbatim 4.7GB 16X DVD-R LightScribe 1.2 30 Packs Cake Box Disc - CD / DVD Media
I also have a D2pro9. Not one worked, at any speeds, which is weird because i've tried several different type of DVD-r's and they all worked.

Thanks for the info. I'll definitley pick up the bestbuy ones. I'm looking to copy all my games over to lightscribe too, so they can have neat covers.
I think I have used the same one.

VERBATIM DVD-R LightScribe 30Pk
DVD-R 4.7GB 30Pk Spindle LightScribe 16x - Verbatim Australia & New Zealand

They all worked without any problems. I used ImgBurn 2X and have Verify checkbox ticked.