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Thread: Resident Evil Archives - IOS33

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    Quote Originally Posted by buildabear View Post
    I've finally get the RE Archives working. I was able to get hold of an NTSC copy, works like charm in my wasabi dx even the GH Metallica. I'm not sure though why is it not reading the PAL version. I have other PAL games working though.
    Sometimes the out of region games will give you trouble. Best fix, if the game is available in your region, download that one.

    On another note be sure not to update you wii to 4.2 or non of your out of region games will work with your chip.
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    Trying to get RE Archives: RE to work.

    I've downloaded RE Archives: RE - both versions (NTSC and PAL) from ESPALWII and they do not work.

    NTSC, gives me an error message saying to go back to my operation manual.
    PAL, I see the title screen and when I select 'start' it goes to a black screen.

    My Wii is modded with a chip and uses WiiKey 1.9s. I've downloaded their RE: Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles (PAL version) and they work.

    I also, burn all my games (PAL version) to a verbatim disc DVD-R SL at the slowest speed with ImgBurn. They all work.

    I don't want to screw around with the settings. Is there a working file out there?
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    thank you for 33

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