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Well I already had 3.4U and I was trying to play Madworld, so i search around and saw alot of wad talk. But alot of the wad apps had a risk of bricking the wii. Since i didnt want to risk bricking just to downgrade, I allowed region updates for the sole purpose of letting Madworld update the required ios , and then I turned that off again with Wasabi Zero Config Disc 1.4. So basically what I want to say is that even tho I already had 3.4U with a Wasabi Zero, the Homebrew Channel working, and I dont really care about WiiWare pay to play bullshit, why would i need to mess with the wads? All my backups work, and I have enough classic roms on my memory card to put WiiWare to shame. Couldn't I just delete the offending ios with anytitledeleter if for some reason I needed to?
They only say that there is a risk of bricking your wii because it has to be there. It's called a disclaimer...

As I said, it doesn't matter if you have whatever, but overall 3.4 is bad. For you, not being able to install wads anymore doesn't seem to be a problem. But the fact that nintendo can automatically update your console without consent DOES concern you.

Also, you are bound to apply brickblocker, regionfrii sometime in your life. Or download any games which have been brickblocked etc. Or if you've ever trucha signed and games. Therefore you won't be able to play those 'cause you're on 3.4!