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    Unhappy WODE & WODEFLOW EJECTING ISO's!!!!!!

    I hope I'm putting this post in the correct thread, please bare with me, I'm new. I have a 4.3u(v513)SysMen, with HBCv1.1.0 on IOS58(v6176) and a Boot2 v4 that was made possible by letterbomb and Hackmii Installer v1.0. Now to my WODE, which has worked flawlessly since I've owned it. Shortly after the WODE purchase, I installed WODEFlow, which also worked flawlessly, until now. I have a couple of games now (3 so far), that for some reason when booted through WODEFlow, which is loaded through my HBC, will freeze during loading or will go black screen on me during play and tell me to re-insert the game disc back into the disc drive. The ISO's from my connected WD 1t HDD are being ejected as if I manually pressed the eject button on the console. I have down-graded my WODE Firmware and upgraded back again to my current Boot v1.01, WODE v2.9A, FPGA v2.00, HW v1. No luck there. I deleted and replaced WODEFlow on my SD card. No luck there. However, all of these games that are having trouble work just fine if I play them through the WODE directly, that is, when not using the HBC and WODEFlow. I had recently installed cIOS's 236 v6, d2x 248 v21006 base 56, and 247 v21006 base 57, all performed following GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial, all of which worked great with no trouble installing anything, ever. I also have CFG usb loader and MMM v13.4 that both work flawlessly. My hats off to all programmers that make this all possible!!!! Could my cIOS's be my problem? It was only after this that I had trouble, although not right away, everything was fine for a few weeks. Could my HBC need updated? Even though my Wii is connected to the net my HBC has never updated itself from the version I installed. WODEFlow is great for the kids and I'd like to have it performing like it was. I have viewed many threads and posts from as many sources that I can find and have been unsuccessful in finding someone with the same issue. Is there someone here at Wii Hacks that can help me ? Please help if you can, I'm not sure what to do or how. I'm concerned about fooling with the IOS's and don't know how to update my HBC or if either would fix the problem. THANKS!!!!!!!!!
    10-20-2014 OOOOHHH NNNOOOO, I was just made to eat my words! My Wii just black screened, and instructed me to insert my Black Ops Disc. I was playing it through the WODE only. I never went into HBC or WODEFlow, straight from the WODE LCD screen menu to my game. Crap, is it that my WODE is on the way out and it is the source of all my problems? HEEELLLPPP!!! PLEEEASSEE!
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    GAF tutorial is out of date and lacks information. What I'm seeing (aside from a wall of colorful text) is an out of spec softmod, coupled with your WODE and WODEFlow. Since you haven't gotten a response, I offer the following advice:

    Do this tutorial. In your case, since you have HBC installed you may begin at the spoiler entitled, "Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed" in Chapter 1 Part 1. Start there and complete the guide. Also personally as it would appear a "little of this, a little of that" approach had been used by your prior, I'd strongly suggest to also install the IOSUpdate pack. Normally this would be for users who are not and never have been on System Menu V4.3; any issues with prior IOS or softmod attempt involving standard IOS would also be alleviated by you doing so.

    After the conclusion of the guide, try WODEFlow the way you'd normally do. See if things have improved. Let us know.


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