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Thread: wwii resort sport

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    Now you lost to do "post system check"......i had may 4.3u wii softmoded by someone, i paid for it. My hdd loader is called valbox loader.

    I then installed usb loader gx on my sd, and i can load games from my hdd from either loader. My problem is how to play resort sport. I have tried the link on your post but to no avail. Can tell me how to do a system check?
    And i have PAL wii resort sport original cd.....its the one with lots of sports game
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    If you look in my reply [+click here] there is a link to the system check guide, I have never heard of Valbox, So I can't comment. You may want to remod your console [mod any wii guide] and stick to the guides and advice on this site It is a proven guide used thousands of times.

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