I recently received Rock Band 2 Band set as a gift. The plan was to return it for the Guitar Hero WT set because "Instrument compatibility matrix" lists the Guitar hero stuff as cross compatible but not vice versa.

I know that the cymbals can be a trouble area but have seen both products and mods to address the issue(basically plastic plates that sit under the cymbals). Will that fix the problem or is it not only a durability issue.

I suppose what i want to know is if i should go for maximum compatibility (as i can always buy standalone game discs) or just keep what i have.

Going forward, whats the likelihood of needing a new set before the year is up regardless of what i do now. It could be cheaper to buy the dam Ion kit if they would release a Wii one and i could be assured it was going to work with future games, but sadly the Nintendo seems to not get patches like the other two, something about the software architecture?