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Thread: New Super Mario Bros.

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    AUS release date is 4 days and I'm buying so I can prob obtain some info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasons34 View Post
    I know the pal game doesnt work on ntsc consoles. I also opened it up using wiiscrubber and there are a ton of copywrite/copy protection files within the game. It doesnt even state what ios the game uses.
    You can follow the progress at GBAtemp. The thread at is still going too.
    It uses a newly updated IOS53, but installing that still doesnt work.
    Seems Nintendo has a random disc verification check that blows the USB loaders. Theyve found the full disc has multiple partitions that were getting wiped out during scrubbing and ripping.

    People have already tried it with the scrubbed and the full ISO and same results..

    Im just gonna play the DS one again for a week and get it when it comes out.

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