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Thread: the anwser to just about everything!

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    Search is the best feature on the site. It takes you to similar posts and threads throughout the site. What most people hate doing is reading. They expect everything to be handed to them immediately. Not the case here.

    I can't stress the importance of reading page after page. Not only do you gain info on things you will need to do and avoid but it also gets you up to par with the terminology.

    A perfect example is looking at the tutorials... learn the way they are titled. Learn the keywords and use them in your search. At times i feel like i can't find them so i use google and sure enough i see a posting with this site as one of their search finds.

    I have become acustomed to similar sites to, such as gbatemp and (only if you read spanish, in my case i do) Those sites also contain lots of info you might consider useful.

    Don't be lazy! READ!

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    Sorry i was just trying to help. I don't know how forums work because I never really use them. I'm not lazy, I read a lot, how else would I have found all that stuff to begin with. anyway... my bad....wont happen again.

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