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hey, i'm not sure if i'm annoying everyone by bumping this (in fact, i'm not sure if i'm bumping at all), but it seems that i finally found a good and simple tutorial on how to install cIOS. however, i'm having problems with the last step of the offline installation. i get this error:
my first guess was that "IOS56-64-v5661.wad" was missing. i checked it and it wasn't.
i tried it with the wad files in the root directory of my SD card, and in a wad folder.
neither did work.

my second guess was that the wad file is damaged. i downloaded it twice, but i still got the error. so that rules that out.

can you help me with this? i kinda accidentally destroyed our previous usb-loader, so i need to update all of it and reinstall one or face the rage of my little sister .

thanks a whole lot (in advance ).

(ps. i did read the post above me, but it didn't really tell me anything. sorry)
Use my d2x cios installation guide to install the latest cios.

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