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Thread: Error #002 fix!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr34m3r View Post
    You do see how old this thread is.
    Thanks to this thread I found out yesterday that USB Loader GX had a setting for it hehe. I was trying to play Punch Out and kept getting that damn error.. Found the thread and went 'Oh duh shouldve checked that menu'..

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    I did i isntalled the three IOS 38,53, and 5 then i installed Cios Rev14 and then NeoGammaR7 RC4 that got most of the game working that i tried so far bloom blox party , wii fit plus, guitar hero 5 the only one that doesnt is sports resort.

    Cios38rev14(it shuold be the first post)

    NeoGammaR7 RC4
    NeoGammaR7 RC4.rar

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