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Thread: List- Game Size After Scrubbing

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    This is really nice to have! I see the OP is either behind on his/her work or has abandoned the idea of keeping the list updated.

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    I would like the total of all NTSC (USA) games if possible please , or if it's easier for you to get the total of all the games on the list. I'm hoping I can fit all ntsc games on a 2 TB HDD then perhaps get another HDD for pal games

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamersclub View Post
    I would like the total of all NTSC (USA) games if possible please , or if it's easier for you to get the total of all the games on the list. I'm hoping I can fit all ntsc games on a 2 TB HDD then perhaps get another HDD for pal games
    so you want to pirate all the games then, because no one is going to buy that many...

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    Man this list rocks thank you so much everybody =D

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    Rune Factory: Frontier (NTSC-U) [2.22GB]

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    Another list if any are of use.

    -in-1 Party Megamix RYEPHZ PAL 2.55
    101-in-1 Sports SOIPHZ PAL 2.52
    Academy of Champions R5FP41 PAL 1.56
    Aladin Magic Racer SARPNK PAL 0.5
    Alien Monster Bowling League SABPJG PAL 2
    Alien Syndrome RLSE8P NTSC 1.45
    Aliens in the Attic RUOPPL PAL 1.64
    All Star Karate SKTE78 NTSC 1.64
    Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel SAVX5G RF 0.69
    AMF Bowling World Lanes R6WP68 PAL 0.45
    Animal Crossing - City Folk RUUP01 PAL 0.38
    Arctic Tale RT2E20 NTSC 0.22
    Around the World:50 Games S5WE20 NTSC 0.45
    Ashes Cricket 2009 R6KP36 PAL 0.72
    Bakugan Battle Brawlers RUHP52 PAL 3.94
    Ball of Fury RBFE20 NTSC 0.61
    Barbie & the 3 Musketeers R23E52 NTSC 1.45
    Basketball Hall of Fame: Ultimate Hoops Challenge SHFE20 NTSC 0.42
    Batman: The Brave and the Bold S3BPWR PAL 2.45
    BeachFun RV8E20 NTSC 0.39
    Beastly SLYESZ NTSC 0.97
    Ben 10 Alien Force RWTPG9 PAL 3.66
    Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks SBNEG9 NTSC 3.27
    Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction SBJEG9 NTSC 3.39
    Big Beach Sports 2 SV2P78 PAL 1.78
    Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree RYWE01 NTSC 0.95
    Bionicle Heroes RVIP4F PAL 1.23
    Blazing Angels:WWII RBAE41 NTSC 2.5
    Bleach Shattered Blade RBLP8P PAL 1.56
    Bomberman Land Wii RBBP99 PAL 1.52
    Boogie RBOP69 PAL 0.84
    Boogie SuperStar RG6P69 PAL 1.3
    Boy and his Blob SBLP5G PAL 1.14
    Brunswick Cosmic Bowling SBKEPZ NTSC 0.36
    Build'N'Race RJNE20 NTSC 0.3
    Cake Mania: In The Mix! R72P5G PAL 0.47
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex RJAP52 PAL 3.8
    Call of Duty World at War RVYP52 PAL 3.88
    Call of Duty: Black Ops SC7P52 PAL 4.13
    Captain America: Super Soldier SFQE8P NTSC 1.67
    Carnival Games RCGP54 PAL 1.19
    Carnival Games (NEW) S2CE54 NTSC 2.05
    Carnival Games Mini Golf RG9E54 NTSC 1.27
    Cars 2 SCYE4Q NTSC 2.02
    Casper Scare School RX4PMT PAL 0.25
    Cate West: The Vanishing Files RKEPGN PAL 0.44
    Celebrity Sports Showdown REAP69 PAL 0.38
    Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles 2 SC6PGN PAL 0.09
    Chicken Blaster R8LP7J PAL 0.17
    Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games SCEE6K NTSC 0.7
    Chuck E. Cheese's Sports Games SCKE6K NTSC 0.77
    City Builder RG7EQH NTSC 0.28
    Club Penguin Wii R59P4Q PAL 1.41
    Combat of Giants Dinosaurs Strike SGXP41 PAL 0.58
    Conduit 2 SC2P8P PAL 4.02
    Cooking Mama: World Kitchen RWKE5G NTSC 0.55
    Countdown R5EPMR PAL 0.8
    Counter Force RCTE5Z NTSC 0.16
    Country Dance SQ2EPZ NTSC 1
    Crash:Mind Over Mutant RC8P7D PAL 4.13
    Crayola Colorful Journey RZUE4Z NTSC 0.23
    Crazy Chicken Tales RHVE5Z NTSC 0.58
    Crazy Chicken: Carnival Party SCUPFR PAL 1.52
    Crazy Machines SCZPFR PAL 0.13
    Create SECP69 PAL 1.33
    Cruise Ship Vacation Games SCSE52 NTSC 1.3
    Dance Juniors SDZP41 PAL 2.89
    Dance on Broadway SBYE41 NTSC 0.56
    Dance Party Club Hits R9QPNG PAL 0.38
    Dance Party Pop Hits R9RPNG PAL 0.38
    Dance Sensation! SDEE5G NTSC 0.86
    DANCE! It's your Stage S2DPML PAL 1.36
    Dancing on Ice RIQPUJ PAL 0.45
    Data East Arcade Classics R26E5G NTSC 1
    Dead Space Extraction RZJP69 PAL 4.16
    Deadly Creatures RDCP78 PAL 2.95
    Deal or No Deal RLAE20 NTSC 0.27
    Def Jam Rapstar SJRXA4 RF 3.36
    Despicable Me SDMEG9 NTSC 0.63
    Dirt 2 R69E36 NTSC 1.36
    Disaster Day of Crisis RDZP01 PAL 4.02
    Disney Channel All Star Party SDGP4Q PAL 0.69
    Disney Epic Mickey SEMP4Q PAL 3.77
    Disney Sing It: Family Hits SDFE4Q NTSC 4.16
    Disney Sing It: Pop Hits R62P4Q PAL 3.73
    Disney Tangled SRPE4Q NTSC 2.44
    Disney Think Fast RXDP4Q PAL 2.7
    Disney: Guilty Party SGUE4Q NTSC 2.61
    Doctor Who: Return to Earth SDOPLR PAL 0.52
    Doctor Who: Top Trumps RWHP4F PAL 0.11
    Domino Rally RDME6K NTSC 1.44
    Donkey Kong Country Returns SF8E01 NTSC 3.39
    Donkey Kong Jet Race RDKP01 PAL 0.83
    Donkey Kong Jungle Beat R49P01 PAL 0.83
    Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast RDKE01 NTSC 0.45
    Dora Birthday Adventure SDPE54 NTSC 2.45
    Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom R27E54 NTSC 0.75
    Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess RDPE54 NTSC 0.92
    Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen RDQPGD PAL 2.78
    Dragon's Lair Trilogy SL3ENR NTSC 3.36
    Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter R9DE78 NTSC 0.7
    EA Playground RPXE69 NTSC 0.44
    EA Sports Active More Workouts SEAE69 NTSC 1.56
    Emergency Heroes REHE41 NTSC 1.28
    Endless Ocean - Blue World RFBE01 NTSC 0.92
    Endless Ocean 2 R4EP01 PAL 1.05
    Excite Truck REXP01 PAL 0.63
    F1 2009 R9FP36 PAL 1.58
    FaceBreaker K.O. Party RFQP69 PAL 1.92
    Family Fortunes R9NPMR PAL 0.72
    Family Game Night 3 SHBE69 NTSC 3.69
    Family Gameshow SGSESZ NTSC 0.84
    Family Party: 30 Great Games - Outdoor Fun R63EG9 NTSC 1.64
    Family Party: 30 Great Games - Winter Fun S3WEG9 NTSC 0.77
    Family Party: 90 Great Games Party Pack SFYEG9 NTSC 2.84
    Family Party: Fitness Fun SFKPAF PAL 0.44
    Family Ski RSQPAF PAL 0.7
    Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver Surfer RF2P54 PAL 3.75
    Ferrari Challenge RF3P6M PAL 0.97
    Ferrari The Race Experience RJIP6M PAL 1.42
    FIFA 10 R4RP69 PAL 3.64
    FIFA 11 SELP69 PAL 3.39
    Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers RFCEGD NTSC 3.31
    Fit in Six SF5E41 NTSC 1.17
    Fix It R9EPNP PAL 1.11
    FlatoutWii SF4E20 NTSC 1.28
    Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked SFOEAF NTSC 0.47
    Ford Racing: Off Road RO2P7N PAL 0.56
    Fragile Dreams R2GEXJ NTSC 3.88
    Free Running RU6EHG NTSC 0.88
    G.I.Joe - Rise of the Cobra RIJP69 PAL 2.47
    G1 Jockey R8GPC8 PAL 0.63
    Game Party 3 R3EPWR PAL 0.88
    Games Island SPIP18 PAL 0.72
    Garfield Show: The Threat of Space Lasagna SG7E20 NTSC 1.95
    Garfield: The Threat of Space Lasagna SG7PVL PAL 3.25
    Geon Cube RXGE6K NTSC 2.88
    George of the Jungle RGJE4Z NTSC 0.72
    G-Force RUEY4Q RF 1.92
    Ghost Squad RGSE8P NTSC 0.66
    Ghostbusters RGQE70 NTSC 2.86
    Go Diego Go: Safari Rescue REQP54 PAL 2.88
    Go Play Lumberjacks RJXE5G NTSC 0.31
    Go, Diego, Go! Great Dinosaur Rescue RIGE54 NTSC 0.89
    Golden Balls R6GPMR PAL 1.02
    Gormiti: The Lords of Nature SGLPA4 PAL 2.16
    GP Classic Racer SGPPNG PAL 0.28
    Grand Slam Tennis R5TP69 PAL 2.47
    Grease SGRPGT PAL 1.06
    Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters R3LEWR NTSC 0.73
    Groovin'Blocks R9KE20 NTSC 0.17
    GT Pro Series RGTE41 NTSC 0.69
    GTI Club Supermini Festa SGIEA4 NTSC 2.34
    Guinness World Records: The Video Game RG5EWR NTSC 0.8
    Guitar Hero 5 SXEE52 NTSC 4.05
    Guitar Hero Smash Hits SXCE52 NTSC 2.52
    Guitar Hero: World Tour SXAE52 NTSC 3.98
    Gun Blade SQDP8P PAL 1.22
    H.A.W.X. 2 RTAP41 PAL 4.13
    Hannah Montana Movie R8HP4Q PAL 1.66
    Hannah Montana: Spotlight Tour RHQY4Q RF 3.97
    Happy Neuron Academy SNUPJW PAL 1.91
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 SHHP69 PAL 3.11
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 SH5E69 NTSC 2.73
    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince RH6P69 PAL 2.55
    Harry Potter: The Order of the Pheonix R5PE69 NTSC 2.17
    Hasbro Family Game Night RRMX69 RF 0.3
    Hasbro Family Game Night 2 R6XP69 PAL 0.45
    Haunted House S2HE70 NTSC 0.3
    Heavenly Guardian RKKE6K NTSC 0.48
    Hidden Mysteries Titanic STTE52 NTSC 1.11
    High School Musical - Sing It RI2P4Q PAL 2.91
    High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE! RH3P4Q PAL 1.19
    Holiday Games SHGDRM PAL 1.5
    Horrible Histories Ruthless Romans RIOPSU PAL 1.06
    Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 RO5E52 NTSC 3.23
    Hotel for Dogs ROEEJZ NTSC 0.58
    How to Train Your Dragon SHDP52 PAL 1.59
    Hyper Fighters SHSE20 NTSC 0.55
    I SPY Spooky Mansion SPQE7T NTSC 0.27
    iCarly RL5P52 PAL 1.92
    iCarly 2: iJoin the Click! SIJP52 PAL 0.53
    Ice Age 3 RIAP52 PAL 3.55
    Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings RJ8E64 NTSC 3.33
    International Athletics RR8PUJ PAL 0.19
    Iron Man RIRP8P PAL 1.09
    Iron Man 2 S2IP8P PAL 3.45
    Jambo Safari RJJE8P NTSC 0.64
    James Bond: Golden Eye SJBE52 NTSC 3.7
    Jeopardy SJPE78 NTSC 0.91
    Jillian Michaels: Ultimate 2010 SJMPGT PAL 0.45
    Jumper RJMERS NTSC 1.34
    Just Dance SDNP41 PAL 4
    Just Dance 2 SD2P41 PAL 3.06
    Just Dance Kids SDZE41 NTSC 2.89
    Just Dance Summer Party SJ9E41 NTSC 1.55
    Karaoke Revolution 2010 RK9EA4 NTSC 2.63
    Karaoke Revolution Glee SKAPA4 PAL 2.55
    Karaoke Revolution Glee Volume 2 SKGEA4 NTSC 1.39
    Kart Racer RIIPNG PAL 0.39
    Kid Adventures Sky Captain SSTEG9 NTSC 0.17
    Kidz Bop Dance Party: the video Game SKBEG9 NTSC 0.97
    Kidz Sports Crazy Mini Golf R3GXUG RF 0.23
    Kirby's Epic Yarn RK5P01 PAL 3.7
    LEGO Batman: The Videogame RLBPWR PAL 2.53
    LEGO Harry Potter R25PWR PAL 3.06
    LEGO Indiana Jones 2 RL4E64 NTSC 3.44
    LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures RLIP64 PAL 2.02
    LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean SCJP4Q PAL 1.97
    LEGO Star Wars RLGP64 PAL 3.06
    LEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars SC4E64 NTSC 2.19
    Let's Paint SPUE20 NTSC 0.16
    Let's play Garden join the party SGDEJJ NTSC 0.52
    Links Crossbow Training RZPP01 PAL 0.25
    Little League World Series Double Play SLIE52 NTSC 2.78
    Littlest Pet Shop RL7E69 NTSC 0.55
    Looney Tunes RLYPWR PAL 3.42
    Lost in Blue Shipwrecked RKZEA4 NTSC 2.84
    M&M's Beach Party RXWE20 NTSC 0.44
    Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack RQ5X5G RF 4.16
    Madagascar 2 RRGE52 NTSC 3.88
    Madagascar Kartz RJHE52 NTSC 0.86
    Madden NFL 11 SMEE69 NTSC 1.56
    MadWorld RZZE8P NTSC 3.44
    Major Minors Majestic March R4NX5G RF 0.75
    Marbles Balance Challenge RK6P18 PAL 0.48
    Marines Modern Urban Combat SMAPGN PAL 1.98
    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games RWSP8P PAL 2.14
    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games ROLP8P PAL 3.44
    Mario Kart Wii RMCP01 PAL 2.63
    Mario Party 8 RM8P01 PAL 3.28
    Mario Slam Tennis RMAP01 PAL 1.48
    Mario Sports Mix RMKP01 PAL 2.33
    Mario Strikers Charged Football R4QP01 PAL 1.84
    Martian Panic RQ7E20 NTSC 0.91
    Marvel Super Hero Squad R38P78 PAL 4.03
    Marvel Super Hero Squad: Infinity Gauntlet SMSE78 NTSC 2.28
    Marvel Super Heroes 3D: Grandmaster's Challenge SMHPNK PAL 0.36
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 RMSP52 PAL 2.22
    Medal of Honour: Vanguard RMVE69 NTSC 1.23
    Meet The Robinsons RRSJ4Q NTSC-J 1.91
    Mercury Meltdown Revolution RMMP7U PAL 3.02
    Metroid Prime Trilogy R3MP01 PAL 7.44
    Metroid: Other M R3OE01 NTSC 7.31
    Michael Jackson: the Experience SMOE41 NTSC 3.77
    Mini Crazy Golf RGKENR NTSC 0.23
    Mini Crazy Golf 2 SG2EFS NTSC 0.42
    Mini Desktop Racing RCEPUG PAL 0.11
    Mini Ninjas RNJE4F NTSC 3.36
    MiniCopter Adventure Flight RGCEXS NTSC 0.64
    Minute to Win It SMYE20 NTSC 2.72
    Monopoly RWOP69 PAL 1.13
    Monopoly Streets S75P69 PAL 1.3
    Monster Hunter Tri RMHE08 NTSC 2.69
    Monsters Vs. Aliens RVZE52 NTSC 2.78
    More Game Party RV2P5D PAL 0.55
    Mortal Kombat: Armageddon RKME5D NTSC 3.89
    Mountain Sports R7WP52 PAL 1.03
    Movie Studios Party RVQP41 PAL 0.48
    Mr Bean REBPMT PAL 0.47
    Mushroom Men - Spore Wars RM9EGM NTSC 1.84
    My Fitness Coach 2 RU4E41 NTSC 3.88
    My Sims Racing RQGP69 PAL 1.94
    My Sims: Sky Heroes RJ6E69 NTSC 1.16
    My Spanish Coach RESP41 PAL 2
    MySims Agents R5XP69 PAL 2.25
    Nat Geo Quiz:Wildlife SGEPLG PAL 4.08
    NBA 2K10 R76E54 NTSC 3.47
    NBA Jam (2010) SNJP69 PAL 0.77
    NBA LIVE 09 RQ9P69 PAL 3.44
    Need For Speed - Nitro R7XE69 NTSC 1.89
    Need for Speed Carbon RNSP69 PAL 3
    Need for Speed Undercover RX9E69 NTSC 2.52
    Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit SNHP69 PAL 1.14
    Nerf-Strike Elite RL6E69 NTSC 0.8
    New Super Mario Bros. Wii SMNP01 PAL 0.39
    NewU Fitness First Mind Body SLTPLG PAL 4.05
    NHL 2K10 R7OP54 PAL 4.06
    NHL 2K11 SH3P54 PAL 4.05
    NHL Slapshot SHYE69 NTSC 3.38
    Nickelodeon Fit SN9E54 NTSC 2.88
    Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots RN3X78 RF 2.27
    Ninja Captains RY7PHZ PAL 2.73
    Nitrobike RNRE41 NTSC 0.88
    No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle RUYE41 NTSC 3.3
    One Piece Unlimited Adventure RIPEAF NTSC 3.23
    Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers RONEG9 NTSC 0.98
    Oops: Prank Party SPIE18 NTSC 0.72
    Overlord: Dark Legend ROAE36 NTSC 2.05
    Pac-Man Party SP7EAF NTSC 2.11
    Paint Party RRIPTV PAL 0.16
    Pajama Sam Don't Fear the Dark RJQE5G NTSC 0.33
    PDC Darts 2009 RQ3PGN PAL 0.42
    PDC Darts: Pro Tour SDTPGN PAL 0.78
    Peppa Pig Fun and Games SPGPPN PAL 1.34
    Personal Golf Trainer SGTPUG PAL 3.58
    Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension SMFE4Q NTSC 1.78
    Pikmin R9IP01 PAL 3.44
    Pikmin 2 R92P01 PAL 1.97
    Pinball Hall Of Fame: Gottlieb Collection RQSE4Z NTSC 0.5
    Pirates of the Carribbean: At Worlds end RW3P4Q PAL 1.94
    Pirates PlundARRR SPAE5G NTSC 0.38
    Pitfall: The Big Adventure RPFP52 PAL 3.09
    Pizza Delivery Boy SPZE5G NTSC 0.2
    Planet 51 RGAE8P NTSC 3.06
    Playmobil: Circus ROVE6U NTSC 0.63
    Pokemon Battle Revolution RPBP01 PAL 1.3
    PokePark Wii R8AP01 PAL 2.06
    Pony Friends 2 R2RP4F PAL 0.92
    Pop'n Rhythm R83PA4 PAL 0.66
    Power Punch SPPEFS NTSC 0.52
    Press Your Luck 2010 R66E41 NTSC 0.56
    Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands SPXP41 PAL 3.61
    Prince of Presia Rival Swords RPPE41 NTSC 1.47
    Princess and the Frog RU5P4Q PAL 2.36
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 SUXEA4 NTSC 4.13
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 SPVPA4 PAL 2.84
    Pro Hall Pool RUREPL NTSC 0.48
    Punch Out R7PP01 PAL 3.69
    Puzzle Challenge: Crosswords and More! RXYE4Z NTSC 0.45
    Puzzle Kingdoms RZKE20 NTSC 0.31
    Pyramid SP3E41 NTSC 0.23
    Quantum of Solace RJ2E52 NTSC 2.64
    Rabbids Go Home RGWX41 RF 2.34
    Racket Sports Party SRQP41 PAL 1.06
    Radio Helicopter RGCPGT PAL 2.56
    Rango SRGP69 PAL 1.66
    Raving Rabbids - Travel in time SR4E41 NTSC 2.19
    Rayman Raving Rabbids: Party Collection SR5P41 PAL 7.47
    Ready Steady Cook RRJPMR PAL 0.67
    Red Steel 2 RD2E41 NTSC 2.88
    Reload Target STDEFP NTSC 0.56
    Resident Evil - Archives Zero RBHP08 PAL 3.61
    Resident Evil 4 RB4P08 PAL 4
    Rig Racer 2 RR2ENR NTSC 0.14
    Rio SRIP78 PAL 1.2
    Rock Blast R7KE6K NTSC 0.2
    Rooms: The Main Building SRME18 NTSC 0.16
    Rune Factory: Frontier RUFEMV NTSC 2.27
    SAFAR'Wii RD6PNP PAL 0.63
    Safecracker RQFE6U NTSC 0.7
    Saint RZCE6K NTSC 0.36
    Sam & Max Beyond Time & Space R3YE70 NTSC 0.88
    Sam and Max Season One R3XP6V PAL 1.59
    Samurai Warriors 3 S59P01 PAL 7
    Satisfashion SS5ENR NTSC 0.38
    Scene it - Big Lights Big Screen SSCPWR PAL 2.41
    Scene It? Twilight SCNEA4 NTSC 1.84
    Science Papa RZEP52 PAL 0.52
    Scooby-Doo and the Spooky Swamp SJ2EWR NTSC 1.77
    Scooby-Doo: First Frights RQNPWR PAL 3.52
    Seasame Street: Elmo's A to Zoo Adventure SS3EWR NTSC 0.23
    Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage R6NY41 RF 2.23
    Shrek Forever After SK4E52 NTSC 2.47
    Shrek's Carnival Craze Party Games RRQP52 PAL 3.48
    Sim Animals R4AE69 NTSC 3.88
    Sin and Punishment 2 R2VP01 PAL 0.98
    Sing It Star Legends SISLOH PAL 2.52
    Six Flags Fun Park R6FERS NTSC 1.31
    Skate City Heroes RHUE20 NTSC 0.86
    Ski-Doo Challenge R87EVN NTSC 0.63
    Sky Crawlers RQREXJ NTSC 3.72
    Skyscraper R3KP6N PAL 0.45
    Smarty Pants RP2P69 PAL 0.2
    Sniper Elite SSNPHY PAL 3.42
    So Blonde RVJPFR PAL 2.3
    Solitaire & Mahjong RSOE4Z NTSC 0.73
    Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing R3RP8P PAL 2.58
    Sonic and the Black Knight RENP8P PAL 3.44
    Sonic and the Secret Rings RSRE8P NTSC 3.63
    Sonic Colours SNCP8P PAL 3.73
    Sonic Unleashed RSVP8P PAL 3.69
    Soul Calibur Legends RSLEAF NTSC 1.47
    Spectrobes Origins RXXE4Q NTSC 4.06
    Speed SPEE20 NTSC 0.5
    Speed Racer R3PEWR NTSC 2.17
    Spellbound Party SPBPGT PAL 0.83
    Spider-man 3 RS3E52 NTSC 2.84
    Spider-Man: Friend or Foe RFOX52 RF 3.28
    Spider-Man: SD SPDP52 PAL 3
    Spider-Man: Web of Shadows R3SP52 PAL 3.95
    SpongeBob: Truth-Sq. R8IE78 NTSC 2.34
    SpongeBob's Boating Bash SBVE78 NTSC 1.41
    Spore Hero RQOP69 PAL 0.92
    Squeeballs Party R6YEXS NTSC 0.45
    SSX Blur RSXE69 NTSC 1.08
    Star Trek: Conquest RTJP68 PAL 0.58
    Star Wars Clone Wars Republic Heroes RQLP64 PAL 3.83
    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed RSTE64 NTSC 4.11
    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 SF2P64 PAL 3.91
    Summer Athletics RU3E5Z NTSC 1.97
    Summer Challenge RE6PRT PAL 2.5
    Super Karts SN6PNG PAL 0.19
    Super Mario Collection SVMP01 PAL 0.06
    Super Mario Galaxy RMGP01 PAL 3.31
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 SB4E01 NTSC 1.33
    Super Monkey Ball Step and Roll SMBE8P NTSC 0.86
    Super Paper Mario R8PP01 PAL 0.45
    Super Pick Ups RQUEFS NTSC 0.63
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl RSBE01 NTSC 6.98
    Super Swing Golf R2PP99 PAL 3.22
    Swords SSZE5G NTSC 0.5
    Table Football R4BPGT PAL 0.25
    Table Tennis RT3P54 PAL 3.7
    Tatsunoko VS. Capcom Ultimate All Stars STKE08 NTSC 1.44
    Telly Addicts RBCP41 PAL 2.48
    Tetris Party Deluxe STEETR NTSC 0.09
    The Ant Bully RI3E5D NTSC 1.36
    The Bachelor: The Videogame SBXEWR NTSC 1.75
    The Biggest Loser RX6E78 NTSC 2.48
    The Biggest Loser Challenge ST6E78 NTSC 2.59
    The Godfather: Blackhand Edition RGFP69 PAL 3.08
    The Golden Compass R5AP8P PAL 3.56
    The Hardy Boys - The Hidden Theft RYNP6V PAL 1.27
    The House of the Dead: OVERKILL RHOP8P PAL 3.88
    The Incredible Hulk RIHP8P PAL 4.03
    The Island of Dr.Frankenstein SIFESZ NTSC 0.16
    The Last Airbender:The Movie SLAE78 NTSC 1.66
    The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess RZDE01 NTSC 1.11
    The Secret Saturdays R85EG9 NTSC 1.86
    The Sims 3 S3MP69 PAL 2.95
    The Smurfs Dance Party SDUE41 NTSC 3.11
    The Spiderwick Chronicles R48E7D NTSC 1.91
    Think Logic Trainer RJ9XML RF 1.08
    Think Smart Family! RJ9E5Z NTSC 1.03
    Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails ST4PNX PAL 0.5
    Thor: God of Thunder STHP8P PAL 3.53
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 R9OP69 PAL 3.45
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 STWE69 NTSC 3.63
    Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2012 STXE69 NTSC 3.2
    TMNT: Smash-Up Cowabunga! R2TE41 NTSC 3.97
    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent RTCE41 NTSC 1.92
    Tomb Raider Anniversary RLRP4F PAL 3.14
    Tomb Raider: Underworld RH8P4F PAL 3.2
    Tony Hawk RIDE RX5P52 PAL 2.25
    Top Shot Arcade ST9E52 NTSC 0.73
    Top Spin 4 R28P54 PAL 3.55
    Tournament of Legends SGAP8P PAL 2.69
    Toy Story 3 STSE4Q NTSC 2.55
    Track Mania R6RPHH PAL 0.61
    Track Mania Build to Race R6REJH NTSC 0.61
    Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen RXIP52 PAL 3.83
    Transformers: Cybertron Adventures ST5E52 NTSC 3.53
    Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Stealth Force Edition STZE52 NTSC 1.03
    Trauma Center Second Opinion RKDEEB NTSC 0.95
    Trauma Team SK3EEB NTSC 3.25
    Triple Crown Snowboarding S3CENR NTSC 0.5
    Trivial Pursuit 2009 RYQE69 NTSC 0.39
    TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids STRP4Q PAL 1.56
    TruckRacer RIKEQH NTSC 0.3
    Truth Or Lies STLE78 NTSC 2.42
    Twin Strike Operation Thunder ROTP7J PAL 0.41
    Ultimate Band RULE4Q NTSC 3.64
    Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes SDDPML PAL 0.52
    Ultimate Board Game Collection RUBEVN NTSC 0.16
    Ultimate Duck Hunt RS2EGJ NTSC 0.38
    UP RUQP78 PAL 1.72
    Vacation Isle R7VEWR NTSC 1.88
    Vegas Party SVPPNJ PAL 0.48
    Virtua Tennis 4 SV4P8P PAL 1.5
    Wacky Races: Crash & Dash RWRE4F NTSC 0.55
    Wacky World Of Sports RTIP8P PAL 2.7
    WALL-E RWAP78 PAL 2.36
    Wario Land: The Shake Dimension RWLP01 PAL 3.59
    WarioWare: Smooth Moves RODE01 NTSC 3.3
    Water Sports 2010 SSWDRM PAL 0.28
    We Dare SLVP41 PAL 0.61
    We Love Golf RWGE08 NTSC 1.38
    We Sing Encore SSEPNG PAL 2.63
    We Sing Robbie Williams SINPNG PAL 3.47
    Wheel of Fortune SFTE78 NTSC 0.53
    Where's Waldo? The Fantastic Journey SLWE41 NTSC 0.59
    Who Wanst to be a Millionaire 3 SMIE41 NTSC 0.78
    Wii Chess RTYP01 PAL 0.08
    Wii Music R64P01 PAL 0.17
    Wii Party SUPP01 PAL 1.05
    WII Play RHAP01 PAL 0.14
    Wii Play: Motion SC8E01 NTSC 0.53
    WII Sports RSPP01 PAL 0.66
    WII Sports Resorts RZTP01 PAL 0.86
    WiiFit Plus RFPP01 PAL 1.94
    Wild West Shootout SSRE20 NTSC 0.31
    WingIsland RWIE18 NTSC 0.23
    Winter Blast 9: Snow and Ice Games SSIENR NTSC 1.3
    Winter Sports 2011 SPOPFR PAL 3.25
    WinterSports 3 RZIE20 NTSC 3.86
    Wipeout Red Ball Challenge R94PMR PAL 1.2
    World Championship Poker: All In RHLPGT PAL 1.06
    World Championship Sports: Summer RY5P52 PAL 1.48
    World Cup 2010 SFWP69 PAL 2.88
    World Snooker Championship 2009 R9WPSP PAL 1.61
    World Sports Party R8SX41 RF 1.02
    Worms : A Space Oddity RWMP78 PAL 0.52
    WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011 SMRP78 PAL 3.58
    WWII Aces RE3ENR NTSC 0.41
    XFactor SFXPKM PAL 3.7
    Xmen Origins: Wolverine RWUP52 PAL 3.45
    Yogi Bear SG8EG9 NTSC 0.73
    Zhu Zhu Pets: Featuring The Wild Bunch S2ZP52 PAL 0.38
    Zumba Fitness SZ5E5G NTSC 2.83

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    Anyone know if there is any method to get a list of games off my HDD (WBFS) other than typing every name? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by luckydog82 View Post
    Anyone know if there is any method to get a list of games off my HDD (WBFS) other than typing every name? Thanks
    Yes there is, wii backup manager will extract a game list for you.

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    Wii Game Manager will also do it, I guess it's your choice now.

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