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Thread: The Latest Neogamma Channels

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    NeoGamma R9 Beta50 has been released ->

    R9 beta 49 - > R9 beta 50
    - Fixed "We dare" (Credit for this goes to Oggzee and airline38)
    - Added the ability to change the hook for IOS Reloading games(2nd hook, very similar to the GC 2nd hook)
    - Added some more error checking for usb HDD detection
    - Added classic controller menu navigation
    - Moved loading .gct, .wdm and .wip files to only access storage once for these(fixes sd loading when using one of them + a recent cIOS)
    3.2E, HBC 1.0.8, cIOS38 Rev17, cMIOSv8 Rev3, NGL R8, GCBL 0.2, PriiLoader 0.3 Rev43, StarFall 0.5, BootMii@Boot2

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    What is considered good cMIOS/cIOS for Gamecube backup playing? And do these things come in special region unlocked versions or is that controlled by the Wii's region settings? I mean if I make my 4.1e Wii region free, it will play any region GC game?

    'kay so Wiigator is what I need for cMIOS, can't find cIOS37rev19 at all. I found cIOS37rev2 however.

    Okay I found it here and it says to install is as IOS249. That article however links to some MulticIOS which can also install it to IOS232, what is the differences/advantages between the 2 methods? The article says to use the MulticIOS if using Firmware 4.0+, is this strictly necessary?

    Edit: Whelp the download link for MulticIOS downloads a ZIP containing various things but no MulticIOS o_O also the initial cIOS37 I found was one modified by Wiipower and it fails to download the necessary files, it validates the Ticket fine but when it goes to download part 1/15 it says Bad Hash and cancels. So still no clue where to get an appropriate Custom IOS for Neogamma.

    Also the Download section on Wiigator's site doesn't have Wiigator's cIOS.
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