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Thread: Guide: Region Booting with Gecko OS 1.07B

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    hi im on 4.2u and tried the 2nd method it starts says no codes found and gives me error #002 something about no disk? am running drivekey on ntsc wii,
    anyone help me please??

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    Haha, I had that problem with my Wii. I wasn't doing what you were, but I got the same error for something. Go looking around, and you should find the thread I asked for help on. Something to do with installing a new IOS, but I'm not sure. Look up #002 error help on the search function.

    EDIT: Found out what I was trying to do. I was trying to load backup launchers through Backup Launcher, which wasn't working. So emuhack, bless his soul, told me to download NeoGamma, which I did, and my problem was fixed. This isn't you're problem, but this guide still applies to you. Believe me, follow link: Hope I could help!


    EDIT/ADDITION: By the way, if anyone knows how to use the hook types/how the hook types work on Gecko OS, please tell me. I have been searching, but i just can't figure out how to use them. Thanks ahead of time.
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