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Thread: DVD Ripping Software Recommendations

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    I have been sticking with Handbrake and it has been working great. I also have tested it out on other PCs and t0mm0 was right the processor speed impact the conversion process time. However with handbrake you can start a cue of files you want to convert and just leave your computer running. While it takes some time I have an older desktop I use almost solely to convert my files and a newer laptop I use for my everyday needs so I don't mind having one computer dedicated to conversion. I can see that this could be an issue if you don't have that option, however you can always pause the conversion process during the day when you need the computer and then restart it at night so it is converting when you are sleeping.

    Also I have been using DVDFab to burn my dvds to my hard drive it's a great program. The DVD decrypter is free and will not expire after the 30 day trial, but the program is also just great to purchase. I use handbrake because it enables me to include the subtitles inside the *.mkv files while DVDFab only has the option to extract them to a separate file. If DVDFab includes this feature in future additions I will probably just buy the registered program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilk8tnaty View Post
    I use DVD Shrink which is a free software. I also use anydvd v6.6.0.7. It is a free 21 day program, but you can search youtube to get the (you what) to reset the 21 days. Anydvd removes the encrytions from the dvds.



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    Oldish thread.
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