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Thread: Would this be considered pirating?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornflake123 View Post
    I am guessing no... lol
    Oh, I misread the post. I thought he needed an XP disc to install Windows 7 with an upgrade disc.
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    Dont buy WIN 7... If the computer specs are not that good then it will be a waste of money! Almost every computer comes with a little blue/green sticker on the side of the back with the Windows version and the KEY!!! all you need to do it get that Version on windows and install with that KEY... Sometimes if will activate over the inet.... but you might have to call big "m".. I have done this more times then i want to remember... You will be fine and no need to buy anything extra, as your friend already purchased a license!

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    What is the spec on the laptop?
    Its a desktop with about 512-1gb of ram I dont remember the exact speed of the processor, but it's definitly lower than the lowest requirement for 7. The only reason this thing is worth saving is the only other thing he has one of the tiny laptops with a graphics card that will black screen while trying to do anything in WoW, and it sometimes happens during playing a flash game. Thanks for all your help, I will only have to do this is if the moron messed with his recovery partition.
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