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Hopefully NTFS is the problem because I'm formatting Fat 32 on 3 Gig partition as we speak. (3 gig to be sure to stay below the magical 4 Gig trouble)
Made this partition the first partition. (however in doubt if this should be a primary or logical partition, will start with primary however)

My HBC is also on the most right position possible. My kids do not fiddle around but you never know. I'm over thinking the possibility to put a password on my Priiloader but some voices say it can be dangerous. Also booting from priiloader directly to any loader can be tricky so I stopped that as well. Hypothetically: What if Priiloader loads to a loader like CFG and you synced your remotes with your neighbours Wii because of a game party over there.
Would it still be possible to sync your remotes with your Wii again? If you can't you are in trouble because it would not be possible to edit settings in Priiloader anymore. Am I right?

Will try game manager again, using WiiBackupManager build 78 at the moment. Has a lot good features, try it because I'm sure you like it.


LOL, did it and is working.

I don't know what did it but it is functional.
All I did was format to FAT 32 instead of keeping NTFS.
Made the partition 3 Gig.
Made it my first partition on the drive.

Now it is possible to read and write covers to USB:/usb-loader/covers.
(this is the base path of CFG usb loader on my hard drive and written in config.txt)

Thanks for your help.