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Thread: Possible to load Gamecube games from USB?

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    Possible to load Gamecube games from USB?

    Hi everyone,

    I've been loading Wiigames from my USB HDD for about a year now but I'm not really active on the forums so I'm not that up to date on everything involving USB loaders.

    I really want to play this game again I played when I was a kid which was on the gamecube, sadly I don't have my gamecube anymore.

    So I was wondering if it is possible to load gamecube ISOs like you load Wii ISOs using a WBFS drive.

    If not what options do I have?

    Thanks for your time, appreciate the help!

    Oh I forgot to add: My Wii is not modded (as in soldered anything on it), I installed Homebrew channel on it etc. using SD card.
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