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Thread: Missing ios's

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    Quote Originally Posted by supermasterpig View Post
    I followed an old tutorial because the wii i recieved last week hasnt been updated in a year and was 3.3. Also what do bootmii and priiloader do? The disc drive ont he wii is shot (explaigns why the wii is modded).
    Bootmii allows you to make complete backups of your Wii. It comes in two versions: boot2 and IOS. If you have boot2 (which is only available to Wii's made before mid-2008), you can safely restore your Wii at any time. This protects you from just about anything. The IOS version (which is available for all Wii's), can only make backups. Restoring NAND (the Wii's memory) with the IOS version is possible, but not safe.

    Priiloader (a mod of Preloader) loads before they System Menu. It can protect you from several types of semi-bricks. It also allows you to enable hacks, like blocking updates.

    I suggest you post an introduction if you haven't already. A staff member will reply with "getting started info" and several useful links.
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    Where would I post the introduction at? I know these questions arre a pain but I do not want to brick the wii. Some one will help me with my questions then? because reading the tut is confusing me. Also the wii was made in 2006... thanks for your help.

    Can any one tell me where I would start? Thanks
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