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Thread: PS2 Singstar mic - Solution?

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    my mic came from the game boogie from about a year and a half ago. ive tested it with we sing/u sing and one of the guitar hero games and with no problems providing i use herems 222 to load the game. im not sure where you are but in the uk we sing is the best value cous you get 2 mics and a usb hub allowing the game up to 4 mic at the same time.

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    I'm having the same problem, only i use speedlink mic's.
    My hdd is using the top usb, this is also where the mic's should go.
    @pkx3ni the hub for 4 mics, do they go in the top or bottem usb

    I was wondering if it is a software (uload or loadergx) problem , do i need an upgrade or a patch.
    using uLoad 3.0 and loadergx 1.0

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