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Thread: Help with Mario Party 8 & SSBB on USB Loader GX

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    i just got mario party 8. borrowed an original copy not burnd. i noticed that from the beginning is all wide screen but ass soon as i go to play a board game then it cuts down to 4x3. why is that or is the game really like this?? its pretty bizzare!!!

    mukade: so all 3 metroid games work good for you?? what rev do you have of usb loader gx?? NSMB works great for me!!

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    I'm having the same problem with mario party 8, i turned on 002 fix. Didn't work, does anyone know the best cios to run this game with? Or is there a resource anywhere to figure out what cios work with what game ect? I'm having a bunch of freezing going on with mario kart and other games. i used 249 rev17 with wiiflow usb loader, should i try rev19? or 222, 202, ect? (i'm a noob to this, i followed the guides to install these things but can't run games great)

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