under usb_loader_gx r907 i got gh5 to run using:
resolution automatic | vid patch on | country flags on | error 002 anti | language console default | ios222. everything else remains off or default.

On coverFloader 1.2a it gives me a black screen still. CF v1.3a just keeps on crashing mi wii on every game load.

current test consoles for gh5: softmod 4.1u (LU557 - disc, bup loader and usb) and 4.2u (LU737 - usb loader only). hermes 222/223 v4, ios56-64-v5146.wad. RBB, LRB, RBMT, GHVH work using 002-anti, language console default, ios249, resolution automatic, vidpatch off, country flags off on both GX and CF.