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Thread: invisible drive after rev14 install

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    invisible drive after rev14 install

    I am running 3.2e, usb loader 1.5 or gx loader 1.0 r815.
    under cios36rev10 I am able to load games and play using usb loader or gx loader without problem. I then came accross an error #002 in smackdown vs raw2010 so I checked the compatibility and it sugested I needed cios38 rev14.

    I installed rev14 which goes through with sucess but now usbloader 1.5 does not recognise my partition and gx loader says witing to plug in a HD. If I switch to the other USB port, the loaders recognise the drive again but also give me back the error #002. So therefore only the top USB port is recognising the REV14.

    I read somewhere that if you have 3.2 firmware that you also have trucha bug installed, so I am guessing it isnt that.

    I can go back to rev10 and all my other games work fine.

    I am currently burning a DVD to see if it (SVR2010) will work from Disc.

    Any Ideas?

    I have read others with similar problems. Now fixed my problem by installing neogamma r7 with rev14. everything runs and from a channel. Works for discs, sd or usb.
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