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Thread: Band Hero and Neogamma R6 problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by peter2626 View Post
    Thanks Twicks, but will rockband channel then also play Band Hero and the like?

    What ios do I name it then when I use IOS patcher.. Ios 249 etc before I burn
    It works fine for me for both RB2 & GH5, not sure about Bandhero on mine as i have a seperate 1101 error problem going on which im trying to get sorted, but from a friend of mine says he's got it working using it.

    As far as the IOS patcher goes im not sure. I dont use it myself. Anyone else care to shed some light for Peter.
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    Us Band Hero - Hangs on Load. gross as the title sounds, it's true. Now...I'm a techie, yes...nerd?...oh, hellz yeah....BUT, my wii isn't cracked, hacked, modded, shaken or rubbed down...we'll make that clear up front. Now....I just spent a chunk of change on Band Hero. It shows in the home menu, I click starts loading...I get says, "no wifi access" (or something of the like, then ....then.....NOTHING. and it's a reboot to get the wii to respond.
    I've gone through some of these threads...still lost...watched a couple users have a geekgasm over which USB loader was lost. Can someone give me logical ideas, and feasible solutions for what's taking place here?
    Thanx, Guys!

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