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Thread: How do you get covers on HDD when USB Loader GX is installed as a channel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buster498 View Post
    hi so i need to put a folder on my harddrive and name it images also the sd card is blank it as nothing on it no apps folder or any thing then change the path in usb loader to usb / images
    the covers are on my hard drive i dont think is a forwarder could you help me set up and check if its a forwareder or not
    Its not a Forwader as there is nothing on your SD card.

    On the HDD you should have these folders,
    config, files here are from the settings in GX loader
    covers, disc covers, 160x224
    images, disc image, 160x160

    These paths are set in custom paths, along with the update path.
    Do an update of WiiTD files, or all if you want.

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    here is a way that worked for me.
    install usb loader gx wad channel. Hope full when u run it picuters are not visible.
    Now run usb loader gx from sd (run directly from sd). Now you can download pictuers properly. Once u can see the pictures then re-start the wii and run loader gx wad and in this mode pictures will be visible too.
    Hope this hint will be usefull

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