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Thread: Backup Loader Channel

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    Thumbs up New Homebrewers...

    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowSonic2 View Post
    Yeah but remember USB Loading is new to many people, most of these so called 'new' people didn't originally know about wii modding only until they used google and found things like 'how to play wii backups on you wii using DVD-Rs'
    I am not new to Homebrew but Also just to add to your point there are many people like myself, who had an older Homebrew set-up, and have recently had to further upgrade their Homebrew hacks just to play catch-up.

    Personally I think it is easier to start out from a virgin state now than it was a few months ago as their are more options available.

    I am reading as many posts from people having problems with USB loaders As there are posts from people having trouble with DVD Disk Loaders.

    I think we need upgraded info/Advice for the homebrew upgraders, I myself am convinced I am short of a Homebrew hack upgrade but cannot seem to find out what it is no matter what I read, I cannot ascertain what might be a better setup, as the mass of information available will be from people with newer homebrew installs, and older Installs.

    I have recently done 2 upgrades to my cIOS Rev. and Neogamma loader, and Am still only able to run one of the newer more recent games. everything that did work still works but nothing new apart from SPORTS RESORT Works
    So my net result from upgrading from older homebrew is very little, as well as being hugely disapointed, I feel Neogamma has given me no significant improvement, or gain, a complete mystery I know, but I give an example here of the problems facing people upgrading their older homebrew set-ups.

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    the only things needed for update are cios 249rev14, ioses38-53-55 and neogamma launcher. all the others are pretty much unused... still it is recommended to go to 4.1

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