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Thread: bootmii problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by thescot33 View Post
    I found this :

    No nand.bin file on SD Card.

    It was his card - tried a new one and it worked

    Same problem with data being used on card but no file.


    Scotty Mac
    Thanks. After trying the nand dump again and the same thing happening again, I decided to see if BootMii could read the SD card after the nand dump and it can't. This lead me to the conclusion that you just gave me. I will look into a new SD card to do this with. Thanks again for your help.

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    Not a problems

    Was doin' my own research on Bootmii and Preloader and came accross it - I saw the discription of the problem and was like 'HEY!'

    Hope it works,

    Scotty Mac

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmeeks View Post
    Can you tell me if i can install preloader on a 3.3u. i do have bootmii installed as an ios it wouldnt let me do it as boot2. any help would be great.
    Preloader is not available for 3.3 and 3.4 wiis you'd better upgrade, read this article

    Quote Originally Posted by dextor10478 View Post
    Hi, even I have exactly same problem. No GC Controller, and Power/Reset buttons not working. What could be other straightforward way to backup NAND?
    thanks in advance.
    Also if you installed as an IOS the Power/reset Buttons will never work... GC controllers are really cheap guys!

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