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Thread: Read error -116 occured when installing homebrew browser.

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    Exclamation Read error -116 occured when installing homebrew browser.

    Hi all. I am modding the wii using a non-wiihacks guide. (Probably my mistake to not use wiihacks but I only just now found it unfortunately)

    I installed hackmii and the homebrew channel no problem. But I just started running the installation for homebrew browser and when it gets to "Reverting to repository," it returns the read error -116 and keeps retrying over and over. I'm afraid to just turn off the wii in case something messes up.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Turning your wii off shouldn't cause any issues. The only time it could is if you were installing IOS, priloader or system menu. You should probably do a proper mod and follow the Any Wii guide. The Homebrew browser is included with the ANY Wii guide.

    And for future reference please do not post links to outside guides...Thanks

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    Good to know, thank you.


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