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Thread: Letterbomb not showing (Wii 4.3e)

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    Exclamation Letterbomb not showing (Wii 4.3e)

    Hi there, I've been having problems trying to get Letterbomb to show up on the message board. I've followed the guide and it simply won't work.
    I'll explain exactly what I've done in steps. Any help would be appreciated

    1. First up, I formatted my 2gb SD Card (not SDHC or any other variation) with the SD Formatter 3.1, using the full format (Default FAT(16))

    2. I have a 4.3e Wii, and copied the MAC Address (I checked it multiple times), and downloaded the correct Letterbomb .zip from (I also tried the .zip from cutting both wires)

    3. Extracted the Letterbomb .zip (packaged with HackMii installer) to my newly formatted SD Card.

    4. I put it in the Wii and turned it on. I'm using the Classic Controller by the way, but I don't think that's an issue? Anyway, it doesn't show on the messageboard anywhere in the year. I've tried putting in the SD on the messageboard screen, on the home screen while it's turned on etc. It never shows whatever I do. I even changed the Wii date to a day before. There are existing messages on my messageboard, and I created an extra memo just in case.

    Would like to know if there's anything left to try, or if I've done something wrong.

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    Format ur wii reset the time and date

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