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Thread: Wii System WiFi Connection for USB Loader and WiiFlow

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    Wii System WiFi Connection for USB Loader and WiiFlow

    My wii 4.3E wii is soft modded using the latest guide on this site.
    My Priiloader is setup to block disk updates, block online updates and remove diagnostic disc check.

    Is it now fine to go in my wii system settings menu and enter my internet connection settings, so my wii can connect to my wireless router ?
    Then when I run USB Loader or WiiFlow will I be able to download the covers using my wii ?
    Currently I have just been getting the .png files myself and putting on my sd card, but would save me time if it is safe to download with wii.

    Just have been cautious connecting my wii up to my router in case ny daughter accidently selects wii system update.
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    Yes you are safe to turn on your wireless, sounds like you did your reading and followed the proper steps. You could also configure priiloader to boot directly to your loader, and use your loader's parental controls for even more kid proofing.

    Nintendo isn't as strict as the other consoles so playing online is also pretty safe.

    Just FYI tools like Wii Backup Manager have options to download covers too. For me that has always worked quicker and more reliable then the loaders themselves when doing more than just a few games.


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